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The Green Earth

Global plastic pollution has been increasingly alarming. In Hong Kong, one-fifth of the daily municipal solid waste is plastic waste. It is almost like living in a plastic world. Plastic brings us convenience to a certain degree, but at the same time it promotes a disposable lifestyle of today. The nearly five million waste plastic bottles that Hong Kong people throw away every single day is an obvious example. It is time to rethink!

“Rethink Plastic” Education Campaign is to raise public awareness on plastic pollution issues in Hong Kong and persuade people to use plastic responsibly. It will take you through the lifecycle of plastic to enrich your understanding to this widely use material.

The campaign involves:

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2021 is the year that ImpactHK goes green!

We are excited to announce our new environmental protection project, which will be powered by ReThink. The climate crisis has a disproportionate effect on vulnerable groups and people who are living in unstable housing; they tend to be hardest hit, but are the least empowered to make changes to protect themselves and the planet. At ImpactHK we want to change that.

As part of this environmental inclusion project we will provide a one year employment opportunity for someone experiencing homelessness, with training and holistic support in our programmes. They will work in our ImpactHK second-hand shop, which saves clothing waste from landfill.

The support from the ReThink HK 2021 event will facilitate an eco-awareness campaign among our community and put the necessary support in place to facilitate it. We will install recycling bins in each of the five ImpactHK community, sports and counselling centres. We will also create educational materials that will raise awareness among our service users about why it is important to recycle and where our waste goes. We will distribute refillable water bottles for our 200 service users so that they can avoid single-use plastics. We will also install water machines in all five ImpactHK spaces, including one out on the porch at the Guestroom to promote hydration and improve health among those people experiencing homelessness. ReThink’s support will also provide reusable food container kits for those who are keen to use these and sustainable cotton female sanitary supplies from LUÜNA naturals. 

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