ACEA Collaborates Stakeholders for Achieving Success in Circular Business Models

Asia Circular Economy Association (ACEA) was established in March 2020 with the mission to promote the concept of Circular Economy (CE) to various stakeholders such as the industries, academics, technology experts, NGO, general public and the governments in Hong Kong, China and other Asian countries in order to make CE to become a household topics and at the same time provides economic, environmental and social benefits to all stakeholders.

Our association will do the followings to achieve our missions:

1. Organizing panel sessions and workshops that can collect information from different stakeholders using specialized methodologies by our expert members.

2. Implement community projects that can educate the concept of Circular Economy and sustainability to the general public

3. Initiate research that measures the level of circularity for communities and the whole city to enable government to formulate policies and plan the infrastructures of the city.

4. Collaborate with industries, associations and governments from mainland China and other Asian countries for business and research opportunities.

5. Organize CE and related topics (e.g. sustainability and climate change) conference, seminars, training courses and workshops with the help of experts in Hong Kong and overseas to introduce CE related methodologies and new technologies to various industries.

6. Organize field trips to countries that are advanced in Circular Economy to learn from their technologies and experience.

7. Organize competitions for students in academic institutions on designing circular business models which allow them explore their creativity and also learn from industries and academic experts during the process.

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