Business Leadership & Public Policymaking

ReThink 2020 on-demand
Day 2 – 29th October

Title: Business Leadership & Public Policymaking


– In Hong Kong, support and advice from the business sector carries strong weight with policymakers. The business community often share their views and exert their influence on policymaking through government consultations.

– More recently, in a world full of sustainability challenges that demands accelerated actions, there are growing examples of business-led initiatives that proactively drive and facilitate public policy change. Business leadership has never been more important.


– Business advice and support is important for public policymaking

– Business actions and initiatives may drive and influence public policy in a positive way

– The role of business on public policymaking is evolving and growing

Post-event actions for delegates:

– Speak up on behalf of your company or sector on relevant government policy

– Proactively participate in and support business associations on sustainability

– Initiate action on the ground in your company or sector for real change

– Mobilise and support your peers to do the same

Simon Ng, Director – Policy & Research, Business Environment Council

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