Circular and Regenerative by Design

Given all the green buildings and sustainable developments the Architecture Engineering Construction (AEC) sector collectively produces, we hardly move the needle on our share of the 40% global CO2 emissions, 40% of drinking water pollution, 40% of worldwide energy usage, and 23% of air pollution.

It is time for us to collaborate to rethink how we design, re-examine what materials we build with, and reconsider how we construct.


Regenerative development goes beyond sustainable development. To go beyond sustaining is to actively regenerate natural ecosystems for our collective well being and survival.

Formwork IO’s vision Design + Make + Sense (DMS) is based on a new approach towards regenerative development in transforming future cities and communities into dynamic, smart yet ecological systems that are digitally connected, mutually beneficial, and symbiotically balanced and resilient.

With a Circular Design approach, the goal is to design for digital fabrication (Dfab), develop ultra low carbon, circular building materials, make with Additive Manufacturing (AM), dispose via industrial symbiosis and sense through Internet of Things (IoT) devices embedded in smart materials.

A regenerative toolkit for the built and marine environment on our collective journey towards a circular economy, a restorative society and a resilient future.

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