Circular economy; from inspiration to implementation

ReThink 2020 on-demand
Day 2 – 29th October

Title: Circular economy; from inspiration to implementation


Real-life inspiration from organisations introducing circular economy thinking into operations.


– Understanding of the key aspects of circular economy overall as well as its application in the several industries represented by the panellists

– Capacity to identify and evaluate the feasibility of incorporating circularity into participants’ own fields

– Ability to create a persuasive rationale for “why circular economy?” based on insights shared during the panel discussion

Post-event actions for delegates:

– Formulate a convincing narrative about circularity opportunities to bring back to their own organisations for further discussion

– Prioritise and translate top one or two aspects of circularity to be addressed before year-end and that can gain buy-in from different levels of the organisation

Janet Pau, Director, Hong Kong, The Economist Corporate Network, The Economist Group (Moderator)

Denise Chen, Chief Sustainability Officer, Melco Resorts & Entertainment Limited

Henry Ho, Sustainable Development Manager, Cathay Pacific Group – Subsidiaries

Kay Liu, Circular Fashion Programme Director, Redress

Bradley Way , CLP Innovation – Director, Corporate Energy Services, CLP Innovation Enterprises

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