Cornerstone Technologies Provides EV Charging That Fits All Kinds of Car Parks

Cornerstone Technologies is one of the first corporations that provides a total solution for EV charging needs in Hong Kong. We developed both hardware and software through our own strong Research and Development team supported by knowledgeable and experienced front line business development team who are able to help property management and carpark operators to solve many issues whether it is pertaining to technical, electrical, practical as well as business issues.

Our EV chargers are designed in such a way that fit all kinds of car parks in Hong Kong. Our Slate EV charger with side mounted and only 110mm thickness has proven to help solve space issues in Hong Kong.

Even for car parks that have no walls or island parking, we have Aloft that could be mounted on the ceiling complete with automatic cable control through the App. Still need more…? Yes, check out our Chargic, an EV Charger so chic it makes heads turn when displayed on your car park wall.

We have a set of well thought-out Charging System. By activating the charger, the user connects to the entire network and sets our intricate software systems into motion. Our Load Management System helps upgrade your car park, enabling more chargers to be installed without having to increase your electricity supply. It is both a powerful way to save cost and energy to keep the sustainability in check. It benefits not only the end-users but also the car park operators. There’s so much more in the offer.

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