FuturArc: A New Reading Experience, Restrictions-free

In a lockdown, we are physically bound in place; restrained by restrictions.

We understand that uncertainties are still abound. Let’s not give up.

At FuturArc, we are bringing a new reading experience to you so that together, we can continue to explore and share ideas to create a Greener, healthier built environment, one that is more harmonious with nature, for the next generation.

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FIND OUT where we are on the sustainability roadmap and the solutions that we need to carry out urgently while keeping our chins up and hopes alive.

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Now especially for our app members, if you wish to access the app content via your desktop or laptop, you can do so! https://www.futurarc.com/app-web-view/

Simply click on the issue that you wish to read, and sign in using your email address and password (same ones registered for the app)!

FuturArc is a publication that focuses on Green architecture and design. We aim to continue to be the leading publication on socially responsible architecture as well as sustainable practices in Asia, as we have been doing since 2007. FuturArc features prominent projects, discussions and commentaries of issues relevant to industry professionals.

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