Mitigation, Adaption and building Resilience

ReThink 2020 on-demand
Day 2 – 29th October

Title: Mitigation, Adaption and building Resilience


– Why are we rapidly falling behind in addressing our climate action obligations?

– When cognitively the impacts of climate change are increasingly understood, and we continue to learn of the commercial and financial opportunities for those who invest in adaptation and building resilience, why does the gap between knowledge and action continue to exist?


– Knowledge is a necessary step but not the sole step and as such we need to create a positive attitude toward investing in MAR initiatives.

– Highlight the importance of, and difference between risk management [reactive] and moving to opportunity-seeking [proactive]

– Examples show us the significant contribution asset owners and asset managers can have to addressing climate change through MAR projects, while earning commercial success.

Post-event actions for delegates:

– Identify the knowledge gaps in your organization, seek training from experts / professionals, and ensure you understand your own operational climate change risks and opportunities

– Actively engage with your clientele, employees and partners to facilitate conversations on the issues of ESG and create incentives for collaborative partnerships

– Develop and apply a climate lens through which investment of resources must pass.

Dr. Margaret J. Burnett, Program Director, Corporate Environmental Governance Programme, University of Hong Kong

J Robert Gibson, Fellow Civic Exchange, Adjunct Prof. HK University of Science & Technology Division of Environment and Sustainability

Chaoni Huang, Executive Director, Head of Sustainable Capital Markets, Global Markets APAC, BNP Paribas

Hendrik Rosenthal, Director – Group Sustainability, CLP Group, CLP Holdings Limited

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