Purpose, language & trust during times of crisis

ReThink 2020 on-demand
Day 1 – 28th October

Title: Purpose, language & trust during times of crisis


Using purpose, language and trust to build a stronger, future-proofed business.


– In a coronavirus-ridden world, purpose, is no longer a nice-to-have but an essential part of one’s corporate strategy.

– Leaders in this area incorporate purpose throughout their business, not just via their sustainability statements online.

– Communicating with a clear sense of purpose enables brands to act with integrity, honesty, generosity and decisiveness – the defining values of this moment that also build trust and keep crisis at bay. The golden rule is what you actually do matters more than what you say.

– Purpose is a driver of business growth.

Post-event actions for delegates:

– Re-examine the role your organisation and its purpose play in a post-COVID world.

– Consider the 3 x Rs: Regroup, Reassess & Realign

– What collaborations around purpose and sustainability make sense for your business to explore before year end in order to reduce risk, drive authenticity and share investment?

Ann Chu , Partnerships, Licensing & Distribution Lead, SEA, Au & NZ, Bloomberg L.P. (Moderator)

Pat Dwyer, Founder & Director, The Purpose Business

Simon Murphy, Head of Reputation, Edelman Hong Kong – Edelman

Jean Sung, Head of The Philanthropy Centre, J.P. Morgan

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