Responding to change: how to finance it

ReThink 2020 on-demand
Day 1 – 28th October

Title: Responding to change: how to finance it


Change needs resources – what is happening in the world of financing that is helping and hindering green growth?


– Finance and economics have been going the wrong direction for over a century; it has not valued the planet or it’s finite resources

– Innovation-driven financing: the imperative to think of new ways to close the $2.5 billion per year SDG Gap – public financing is not enough

– Private sector financing will move the needle, but we but we need fundamental change from the top which means stricter laws, policy and regulation

– Sustainable investing is already mainstream, the next step is to make it mainstream in Asia – we need better data and disclosure

Post-event actions for delegates:

– Without proper legislation, progress will always be hindered – an educated populace needs to drive change §Institutional investors need to drive change by moving away from short-termism and demanding better ESG standards and disclosure

– Mobilize private capital, by breaking down old barriers and vested interests through innovative thinking

Jean-Marc Champagne, Head of Environmental Finance, Asia-Pacific, WWF-Hong Kong (Moderator)

Tracy Wong Harris, Deputy Secretary General, Hong Kong Green Finance Association

Bill Kentrup, Co-founder & Head of Origination, Allinfra

Francis Ngai, Founder & CEO, Social Ventures Hong Kong

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