Recycle and Be Rewarded

Cornerstone Renewable Energy Limited has invented RenatureChest, a reverse vending machine that is able to take in two different types of packaging at the same time. Through the scanning system and the big data base that we have, we ensure every single pack taken in by our machine is recyclable. Our machine also has better compressed system to ensure more packs could be taken in. The auto sorting system addresses the need for source separation. The integrated and intuitive touch screen helps guide the users through the process from start to finish, recycling is made easy and convenient.

We are fully aware, superior machine invention, software and mechanism needs to be supported by the general public to make recycling a success, therefore, we have developed various reward systems to encourage users and to make recycling more fun. We have 3 ways to reward our users: Cash back to Octopus card, earn points to redeem interesting gifts, donation to charity foundation appointed by our customer.

Cornerstone Renewable Energy puts your interests first, engaging you into reinvigorating journey of sustainability and transforming you into an agent of change in fostering a cleaner and healthier environment.

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