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Battle against single-use plastics: our journey, our roadmap.

Cathay Pacific has started its battle against plastic for over 10 years, with a renewed focus in combatting single-use plastic since 2018. Join us to hear what Cathay has experienced through the journey and what is lying ahead.

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Sourcing sustainable products, responsibly

The challenges and learnings from companies responsibly sourcing sustainable products and solutions in Hong Kong.

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Keynote Presentation from GlobeScan: The New Sustainability Leadership

Chris presented on GlobeScan’s latest stakeholder and consumer research combining it into a briefing on the evolving expectations for corporate leadership and the best practice examples of trusted leadership in the world.

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Business Leadership & Public Policymaking

More recently, in a world full of sustainability challenges that demands accelerated actions, there are growing examples of business-led initiatives that proactively drive and facilitate public policy change. Business leadership has never been more important.

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Green, clean and less-mean: future-friendly products & services

What are the innovations that are making the difference at the scale we need? What are the steps we need to take to encourage faster adoption and reach more people?

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New models for effective strategies

What can product design and systems design learn from each other, how can tools such as life cycle analysis help build better businesses and waste systems.

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Waste management – the dating game vs the sharing game

Waste is a resource in the wrong place, so what intellectual and physical infrastructure do we need to create in order to have efficient systems?

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Activating your workforce: inside and out

Employees are a potent, but too often latent, source of energy to power your business – what do you need so that you harness this resource?

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Product & Innovation Showcase 2

On Day 2 we have three companies to introduce some of the newest technologies available in Hong Kong.

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