2020 On Demand

Rewatch the ReThink 2020 conference on demand

People power: the importance and value of workforce diversity

What are the key actions to take, and environments to make, to ensure your business realises the power of the whole workforce – regardless of gender, sexual orientation or age.

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Effective partnerships with positive impact on Hong Kong’s ecosystem

Attempting change at scale in isolation is futile – joining together for shared value and greater impact is the only way forward

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Purpose, language & trust during times of crisis

Using purpose, language and trust to build a stronger, future-proofed business.

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Transforming with intelligence – how a tipping point is emerging with data for sustainability

How can technology and a data-focused approach support ESG reporting and embed sustainability into business strategy?

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Product & Innovation Showcase 1

On Day 1 we have four companies to introduce some of the newest technologies available in Hong Kong supported by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park.

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Product & Innovation Showcase 2

On Day 2 we have three companies to introduce some of the newest technologies available in Hong Kong.

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Responding to change: how to finance it

Change needs resources – what is happening in the world of financing that is helping and hindering green growth?

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Integrate transparent tree-planting into your business

Climate action is not complicated, everyone can make a difference, climate action is a business opportunity.

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Mitigation, Adaption and building Resilience

Given that we are aware of the impacts of climate change, that data tell us of mitigation efforts, why are we rapidly falling behind in addressing our climate action obligations? When cognitively the impacts of climate change are increasingly understood, and we continue to learn of the commercial and financial opportunities for those who invest in adaptation and building resilience, why does the gap between knowledge and action continue to exist?

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