Sourcing sustainable products, responsibly

ReThink 2020 on-demand
Day 2 – 29th October

Title: Sourcing sustainable products, responsibly


The challenges and learnings from companies responsibly sourcing sustainable products and solutions in Hong Kong.


– We will explore a variety of global social and environmental challenges to sourcing responsibly

– We will present a range of principles and frameworks of responsible sourcing which span across different product categories (e.g food and fashion), and support social, environmental and economic sustainability

– We will demonstrate the benefits to your business of taking progressive action, and the positive outcomes across your supply chain and stakeholders

– We will share opportunities for your business to take further action and demonstrate leadership across the sector

Post-event actions for delegates:

– Look to achieve traceability and transparency across your supply chain (especially for key products) is critically important not just for your business reputation, but also to give assurance and integrity to your brand.

– Work with suppliers to implement policies will allow you to formalise sourcing practices and gain assurance

– Identify your current baseline of where you are with your existing practices, it is important to continuously improve, and set ambitious targets for future

– Use supply chain impact information to engage staff and customers, showcase your achievements and communicate your future targets of where you aim to be

Heidi Yu Spurrell, CEO, Food Made Good HK (Moderator)

Anna Maria Andreoli, Head of Global Sales & Strategic Partnerships, Pivot88

Joyce Chau, Director APAC, amfori

Richard Ekkebus, Director, Culinary Operations and Food & Beverage, The Landmark Mandarin Oriental

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