ReThink 2021 provides insight and inspiration for driving sustainable development across globally recognised risk and opportunity topics, from a Hong Kong context.

The conference programme addresses the sustainability challenges faced by Hong Kong organisations as well as those operating, sourcing, trading or collaborating from our unique city.

Two unique days of keynotes, case studies, interviews, panels, workshops, and interactive sessions will address the rapidly changing landscape of environmental and societal sustainability whilst unpacking how business leaders and sustainability practitioners can accelerate and amplify change across their complex internal and external stakeholder structures.

Sustainable Transformation (Keynote) Theatre
– Green & Sustainable Finance
– Circular Economy
– HK2050 & its Decarbonisation Pathway
– Redefining Value for Corporations
– Pre-COP 26
– Ethics & Sustainability
– Digital Transformation Strategies for a Green Recovery
– The Business Case for Protecting Biodiversity
– Futureproofing NGO Strategies
– Future of Food

Sustainable Communities Theatre
– Rethinking People & Purpose
– Rethinking Customer Communications
– Rethinking Tourism
– Rethinking Hong Kong (supported by The Hong Kong Green Building Council)

Sustainable Resources Theatre
– Rethinking Supply Chains
– Rethinking Finance
– Rethinking Waste
– Rethinking Retail Logistics

Sustainable Partnerships Theatre
– Hong Kong Ocean Economy Summit
– Beyond Plastics “Live”

The Business Environmental Council Theatre
– Corporate Change
– Sustainability 101 for SME’s

Change Makers Stage

– Redefining Value (in Partnership with Dream Impact & Shared Value Project Hong Kong)

The agenda is being expanded for ReThink HK 2021 across multiple conference theatres, workshops and lounges hosting a dynamic matrix of content structured by topic, industry and function for corporates, enterprise businesses and SMEs.

ReThink is Hong Kong’s unrivalled forum for discussing how businesses can “build back better” by mitigating against climate change, investing in technology, using resources sustainably and reducing inequality.

Through shared responsibility, collective change and a pivot in the way organisations measure success, we are taking a moonshot by encouraging businesses to embrace innovation, work together, respect and protect our waterways and biodiversity and improve the lives of all.

Stay tuned,…key speakers and the full agenda will be announced soon.