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2021 Programme

ReThink HK provides insight and inspiration for driving sustainable development across globally recognised risk and opportunity topics, from a Hong Kong context.

The conference programme addresses the sustainability challenges faced by Hong Kong organisations as well as those operating, sourcing, trading or collaborating from our unique city.

Two full days of keynotes, case studies, interviews, simulations, panels, workshops, and interactive sessions will address the rapidly changing landscape of environmental and social sustainability whilst unpacking how business leaders and sustainability practitioners can accelerate and amplify change across their complex internal and external stakeholder structures.

ReThink HK is committed to striving for no ‘manels’ (no all-male panels) at our event and works closely with all content partners to ensure a full spectrum of perspectives, opinions and experience is represented across the programme. At ReThink HK 2021 we achieved this for 121 of the 122 sessions and missed the full set only due to a speaker dropping out with illness the day before the event.

Conference Overview

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Sustainable Transformation Theatre (Keynote)
Day 1 : 05 Oct 2021
– Opening Address by Mr Wong Kam-sing, GBS, JP, Secretary for the Environment
– Hong Kong and Our Decarbonisation Pathway (Panel Debate)
– Preparing for Mandated Climate Risk Disclosure (TCFD)
– Green and Sustainable Finance: Now and Beyond
– Sustainability and Foreign Direct Investment
– Integrating Innovation to Accelerate Sustainable Development in Hong Kong
– Corporate Governance: The Pathway to A Successful Sustainability Strategy
– Climate Risk Adaptation in Action

Day 2 : 06 Oct 2021
– Sustainability Roadmap and Hong Kong’s Move Towards Net-Zero Carbon
– Sustainability Leadership in a Decade of Action
– Towards Sustainable, Inclusive Growth: What Do the Markets Look Like?
– Sustainability in Action – Corporate Roadmap to Net Zero
– Sustainable Development – the New Ambition Powering Hong Kong’s Conglomerates
– Powerful Partnerships for a Circular Economy: The Story of Plastic Reborn
– The Business Case for Protecting Biodiversity
– Unlocking the Potential of Nature-Based Solutions to Tackle Climate Change
– Carbonless Asia Challenge – Hong Kong

Sustainable Communities Theatre
Day 1 : 05 Oct 2021
– Rethinking People & Purpose (in Partnership with SwedCham)
– Rethinking Customers & Communications (supported by The Marketing Society)

Day 2 : 06 Oct 2021

– Rethinking Built Spaces (in Partnership with The Hong Kong Green Building Council)
– Rethinking Women in Business (in Partnership with Womentors)

Sustainable Partnerships Theatre
Day 1 : 05 Oct 2021
Hong Kong Ocean Economy Summit (in Partnership withO3C)

Day 2 : 06 Oct 2021
Green Monday ESG Summit (in Partnership with Green Monday)

Sustainable Resources Theatre
Day 1 : 05 Oct 2021
– Rethinking Supply Chains (in Partnership with The Sustainable Apparel Coalition)
– Rethinking Waste (in Partnership with Drink Without Waste)

Day 2 : 06 Oct 2021
– Rethinking Energy (in Partnership with HK2050 is NOW)
– Rethinking Finance (in Partnership with Hong Kong Green Finance Association)

The BEC Theatre
Day 1 : 05 Oct 2021
– Empowering Businesses to Lead for Impact

Day 2 : 06 Oct 2021

– Sustainability for SMEs

Change Makers Stage
Day 1 : 05 Oct 2021
– Redefining Impact (in Partnership with the Foundation for Shared Impact)

Day 2 : 06 Oct 2021
– Redefining Value (in Partnership with Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong)

The agenda will be developed for ReThink HK 2022, hosted across seven concurrent conference theatres plus workshops and stages hosting a dynamic matrix of content structured by topic, industry and job function for corporates, enterprise businesses and SMEs.

ReThink is Hong Kong’s most comprehensive forum for discussing how businesses can “build back better” by mitigating against climate change, investing in technology, using resources sustainably and reducing inequality.

Through shared responsibility, collective change and a pivot in the way organisations measure success, we are taking a moonshot here – encouraging businesses to embrace innovation, work together, respect and protect our waterways and biodiversity and commit to improving the lives of all.

Our ambition is significant, but so is the challenge ahead for our planet.