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Wednesday 05 October 2022

Social Innovators of Tomorrow

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There is a tremendous desire among our young people to leverage their talents and work with businesses to design and scale creative solutions to social issues. How can we best translate this passion into innovations for positive impact in Hong Kong?

The Social Innovators of Tomorrow programme will engage budding social entrepreneurs in Hong Kong to discuss the imperative of sustainability within the context of inclusive business models, inherent business opportunities for social impact, as well as the alignment of career and skillset development within this emerging space.

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Thursday 06 October 2022

Green Leaders of Tomorrow

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As climate change rightfully takes centre stage,  it is imperative to ensure our next generation is empowered with the appropriate knowledge and skillset to take up the baton for our city’s sustainable development.

The Green Leaders of Tomorrow programme is being designed to facilitate a two-way exchange and engagement between young professionals and sustainability practitioners and business leaders. How do Gen Zs view the current state of play by industry? How should sustainability education be imparted in Hong Kong? Which sectors are expected to have the most green jobs? What are the skills and attributes required of future business leaders?

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