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Wednesday 05 October 2022

Social Innovators of Tomorrow

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There is a tremendous desire among our young people to leverage their talents and work with businesses to design and scale creative solutions to social issues. How can we best translate this passion into innovations for positive impact in Hong Kong?

The Social Innovators of Tomorrow programme will engage budding social entrepreneurs in Hong Kong to discuss the imperative of sustainability within the context of inclusive business models, inherent business opportunities for social impact, as well as the alignment of career and skillset development within this emerging space.

11:00 – 11:10

Opening Welcome: Social Innovators of Tomorrow

11:10 – 11:25

Session details coming soon!

11:25 – 12:55

Human-Centric Education: Nurturing Future Social Entrepreneurs

Looking at social innovation through an educational lens reveals the need for equipping our future leaders and professionals with the skillsets and knowledge to become more innovative and willing to take risks in this space. How can industry and other stakeholders best work with educational institutions to ensure future talents are prepared to take the baton for the city’s social aspirations?


  • What role does formal credit-bearing courses and experiential learning play in nurturing future social innovators?
  • What are the top future soft skills and exposures needed to become a successful social entrepreneur and future social innovator?
  • What is missing in current social entrepreneurship education in Hong Kong? How does one learn to develop entrepreneurial thinking?

Post-Event Actions

  • With increasing pressure for industry to address social impact, what are the forthcoming career opportunities in your organisation? How can we empower youth and young professionals in this space?

14:00 – 15:30

People Matters: Redesigning Recruitment & Retention for Social Innovators

How does purpose-driven organisations identify, incubate and attract social innovators? Explore major opportunities and knowledge gaps between employers and young professionals’ perspectives on talent-company matching and retention. Understand and discuss why talents are the ultimate drivers of social innovations, preparing companies with resilience and competitive advantages.


  • What are the trends and barriers between companies and applicants to work in the social innovation sector?
  • How can one work as a social innovator in corporate firms?
  • How can we align company goals with talent identities, incentives and expectations?

Post-Event Actions

  • Consider the respective roles and future skills of social innovation talents through internal advancement vs external talent search.
  • How should companies see and adapt passion projects and hybrid working options? Can inclusive hiring be multi-dimensional?

15:45 – 17:15

A Purposeful Workplace: Leading with a Social Impact Mindset

Building a sustainability mindset and culture across organisational structures requires collective effort from the bottom up. How can we align the purpose and mission of individual stakeholders to the vision of organisations?


  • How do you identify and align organisational and individual purpose?
  • Why does a purposeful workplace require diversity and empathy?
  • How can young social innovators gain management buy-in to incorporate social impact decisions?
  • What are the challenges and success cases in building inclusive workplace culture and leadership?

Post-Event Actions

  • What cultural transformation is needed for your team to recognise their potential in creating social impact in their roles?
  • What is your next step in spreading social impact mindset and actions on an individual and organisational level?

17:15 – 18:00

Empowering Our Intrapreneurs, Entrepreneurs and Extrapreneurs of Tomorrow

This session will discuss key elements in the incubation of social entrepreneurs and community leaders. How can we identify, nurture and promote these talents for the greater good of our society?


  • What are the opportunities and challenges of implementing sustainability innovations as an intrapreneur, entrepreneur, and extrapreneur?
  • How can we promote social innovation within a venture and corporate setting?
  • How can we empower people around us to become social innovators and actors?

Post-Event Actions

  • Set up a talent pipeline and channels to attract, nurture and promote social innovators of tomorrow.
  • Align your company’s purpose with individual mission and passion – what can we do to support and empower all stakeholders to achieve social impact?
  • Community investment and engagement action plan across departments and districts

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Thursday 06 October 2022

Green Leaders of Tomorrow

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As climate change rightfully takes centre stage,  it is imperative to ensure our next generation is empowered with the appropriate knowledge and skillset to take up the baton for our city’s sustainable development.

The Green Leaders of Tomorrow programme is being designed to facilitate a two-way exchange and engagement between young professionals and sustainability practitioners and business leaders. How do Gen Zs view the current state of play by industry? How should sustainability education be imparted in Hong Kong? Which sectors are expected to have the most green jobs? What are the skills and attributes required of future business leaders?

10:30 – 10:40

Opening Welcome: Green Leaders of Tomorrow

10:40 – 10:55

Session details coming soon!

10:55 – 11:55

Putting Climate Change at the Heart of Education

There is a growing global momentum to harness the power of education to combat and adapt to climate change, and empower the next generation with the values, knowledge and skills needed to act as agents of change and make informed decisions.


  • Understanding the causes and impacts of climate change is the first step in shifting mindsets, and innovating for ways to limit its impact and adapting to its unavoidable effects.
  • What is the state of play in Hong Kong? How central and visible is education a part of our city’s response to climate change?
  • How can educational institutions better anchor climate literacy in their curriculum to prepare and nurture environmentally conscious business leaders of the future?

Post-Event Actions

  • Gain insights on future skills and attributes being sought by business leaders and sustainability practitioners.
  • Rethink the power of climate change education in wider systematic mindset shifts and in nurturing our sustainability leaders of the future.

11:55 – 12:55

Unlocking the Power of Environmental Innovation

Key to securing the future of our planet is the next generation of ecopreneurs, whose innovative solutions represent the power of an environmentally and technology-savvy generation keen to bring about real and concrete change.


  • Sharings of venture journeys and the opportunities and challenges of bringing their ideas to fruition
  • What challenges do young entrepreneurs face in funding and scaling their innovations?
  • How can businesses best tap into Hong Kong’s next generation of ecopreneurs, and support their aspirations for sustainable development through innovative thinking and actions?

Post-Event Actions

  • Consider how your company and industry are engaging youths and young professionals in creative innovative solutions in line with our sustainability agenda.

14:00 – 15:00

Nurturing Our Green and Sustainable Financial Talents of the Future

Hong Kong’s aspirations to develop into a regional hub for green and sustainable finance has highlighted a strong demand for talent with the relevant knowledge and skillsets. Hear from leaders in this space on how industry and higher educational institutions are working to fill the talent gap and empower our next generation of green and sustainable finance experts.


  • How is cross-disciplinary education being fostered in universities to ensure sustainability leaders of the future are provided a broad-based learning experience, intellectual capacity building and a global outlook essential to perform meaningful analysis, make informed decisions and deliver on ESG goals?
  • How can industry best work with educational institutions to ensure future financial talents are equipped with the knowledge, skillsets and experience needed to take the baton for the city’s green finance aspirations?

Post-Event Actions

  • Understand the importance of green and sustainable financial education in Hong Kong.
  • Gain insights on how current development of green and sustainable financial education can align with future industry needs.

15:00 – 16:00

A Talent Pipeline for Our Sustainable Built Environment

The decarbonisation of buildings and improvement of building energy efficiency are among the key strategies of Hong Kong’s Climate Action Plan 2050. How can industry and academia work to ensure that the next generation of built environment professionals are empowered with the knowledge, experience and passion to continue the city’s green building efforts?


  • What green skillsets and attributes will be in high demand by the built environment sector?
  • What opportunities and challenges exist for university students and young professionals to tap Hong Kong’s green buildings agenda?
  • How can industry work with higher educational institutions to tap into and engage young talents into Hong Kong’s sustainability transition?

Post-Event Actions

  • Consider how you can work with academia and other industry stakeholders to nurture talent and future leaders to transform Hong Kong into a liveable city for future generations.

16:15 – 17:15

The Bigger Picture: Engaging Our Next Generation in the Sustainability Agenda

Our next generation are the beneficiaries of the sustainability agenda that we are pursuing today. Creating space for the amplification of their thoughts and messages as business leaders and decision makers of tomorrow not only prepares them to take on future responsibilities, but also pushes business leaders of today to be more accountable and aggressive in meeting their sustainability goals.


  • What are the opportunities for companies to create space for young people to receive the support and knowledge that they need to engage in the realisation of sustainability goals?
  • How can industry work to create conditions that would not only bring young people on board, but also help to realise their potential as changemakers for a sustainable future?
  • Perspectives from mentorship opportunities, lack of exposure, access to markets and networks and more.

Post-Event Actions

  • Consider how your company and industry can better engage and empower the next generation to take the baton for our sustainability agenda.

All sessions are subject to change.