2023 Brochure released!

Everything Begins with a Game Changing Idea

Day 1 - 5th Oct | 16:40 - 17:00

Location: Sustainable Transformation Theatre (Keynote)

Redefining Value


Big ideas will help us reshape the world around us. We have an opportunity to re-imagine our future by re-thinking the way we live, eat, move & feel.

Brinc’s global accelerator programs help drive sustainable agendas in 100s of startups around the world in the areas of alternate proteins, clean energy, clean water & sanitation, sustainable cities and communities as well as for human health.

Learn and see from live case studies examples of disruptors / problem solvers / those who challenge conventional thinking to transform the way we operate, source, trade, collaborate and engage with the world around us.


  • How to get started?
  • What are the key areas to work on?
  • The big ideas – How can you make a dent if you’re just a small part of a much larger fast moving world?

Post Event Actions

  • Leverage our global access to the startup ecosystem to help organizations identify, connect and work with the right startup to drive innovation
  • Integrate new solutions by collaboratively defining a mandate, finding the right startups and facilitating results-driven pilots
  • Qualified access to early-stage startups for direct investment sourced through Brinc’s accelerator programs


Manav Gupta

Founder & CEO


Manav Gupta

Founder & CEO


Manav is the Founder & CEO of Brinc. Brinc is a different breed of venture capital and accelerator firm. Core to Brinc’s business is their belief that some of the world’s biggest challenges can be solved by entrepreneurs, who Brinc likes to call GAME CHANGERS. More game changers will make a positive impact on the world if they are given the right backing. And that’s what Brinc is here for. To support and mentor founders and their teams from across the world and provide investment to help them grow. Brinc believes that technology-focused start-ups, with the right backing and support can fundamentally change how we move, what we eat, how we feel and where we live for the better.

My Sustainability Goals for 2022:

1. More plant-based meat – Whole food/plant-based food adoption by retailers and restaurateurs

2. More alternates adopted to plastic ASAP & where plastic is absolutely essential – more recycling and up-cycling.