2023 Brochure released!

New Standards and Smart Building Solutions Under a New Normal

Day 1 - 5th Oct | 13:10 - 13:25

Location: Sustainable Resources Theatre



The New Normal has forced us to reboot our working behaviour and standards. What are the trends of building standards and how can technology achieve the balance between ESG and building operation efficiency to boost confidence for building re-entry?


  • New sustainable building standards under a new normal
  • Technology to balance energy efficiency and air quality
  • What do tenants look for in quality leasing space?

Post Event Actions

  • Understand your leasing space/building climate risk exposure
  • Evaluate your leasing space/building in terms of ESG performance
  • Establish short/mid/long term goals to make your building future-proof


Arthur Lam

CEO & Co-Founder

Negawatt Utility Limited

Arthur Lam

CEO & Co-Founder

Negawatt Utility Limited

Arthur Lam is the CEO, Co-founder and director of Negawatt Utility Limited, an AIoT (Artificial Intelligent of Things) prop-tech company specializing in smart building digitization and ESG solutions. As a serial entrepreneur, he has over 14 years in property technologies with the focus on sustainability. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, United States, with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in May 2008 and he is a certified Carbon Audit Professional and a certified Energy Manager of The Association of Energy Engineers (Hong Kong Chapter).

My Sustainability Goals for 2022:

  • Supporting large corporates to meet ESG requirement
  • Deployment of COVID risk management to increase public health & safety awareness
  • Reducing energy consumption for large corporates to meet upcoming CO2 reduction target of 2030
  • Enhancement of communication between stakeholders to improve corporate management efficiency