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Opening Keynote: E-Mobility in Hong Kong – BMW Concessionaires’ Role in Supporting the Popularisation of Electric Vehicles

Day 1 - 5th Oct | 10:30 - 10:45

Location: Sustainable Resources Theatre

Cities & Mobility


Importing electric vehicles will guide Hong Kong’s future direction to attain zero vehicular emissions before 2050. This will help to achieve government targets to strive for carbon neutrality and EV’s popularization. What is BMW Concessionaires (HK) Limited doing to manage, and take concrete actions to help promote the trend?


  • The roadmap and development of Hong Kong towards achieving e-mobility
  • The contribution and opportunities of BMW EVs to Smart City
  • The role of BMW Concessionaires (HK) Limited as an importer and dealer in Hong Kong
  • The solution and collaboration needed for achieving e-mobility in Hong Kong

Post Event Actions

  • Assess whether measures are in place and develop one-stop solutions to match with demands
  • Encourage support from the general public and educate them about EVs and charging solutions
  • Promote eco-responsibility and battery recycling and explore collaborations with the public and private sectors


Ray Leung

Managing Director – Hong Kong & Macau

BMW Concessionaires (HK) Limited

Ray Leung

Managing Director – Hong Kong & Macau

BMW Concessionaires (HK) Limited

Mr. Ray Leung has extensive automotive dealership experience across Greater China region. He joined BMW Concessionaires (HK) Limited as Managing Director – Hong Kong and Macau since January 2020. Under his leadership, the company undergoes continuous enhancement and remains as one of the leading automotive companies in Hong Kong and Macau.

My Sustainability Goals for 2021:

Electric vehicles are becoming new alterative in the automotive industry. We support the sustainable development, by providing more electric models to Hong Kong Market and developing an all-rounded charging solution.