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The Trillion $ Blue Economy

Day 1 - 5th Oct | 13:50 - 14:10

Location: Sustainable Partnership Theatre

Circular Economy


By video

SDG14 is the less regarded SDG by corporates and the less financed and invested asset. However, Blue Economy or businesses operating on, below and above the Oceans is not only providing fast growing opportunities for our economy, but also represent one of the most profitable – integrating all externalities such as climate change, biodiversity regeneration and social improvements.


  • The new boundaries of the Blue Economy
  • The growing importance of the Blue Economy in the Economy
  • The key challenges around the Blue Economy

Post Event Actions

  • Access the impact of the Blue Economy in your organisation
  • How could you contribute to the development of the Blue Economy?
  • Are you contributing to Ocean Conservation?


Pierre Rousseau

Senior Strategic Advisor for Sustainable Business

BNP Paribas

Pierre Rousseau

Senior Strategic Advisor for Sustainable Business

BNP Paribas

Lisbon based Pierre Rousseau is Senior Strategic Advisor for BNP Paribas’ Sustainable Business and leads innovative investing and financing initiatives for sustainability. Prior to this, Pierre was Head of Global Markets Asia Pacific, supervising also the Financial Institutions Coverage unit for APAC. Previously, Pierre was Head of Equities, Asia Pacific, where he led BNP Paribas’ Equity Cash and Equities Derivatives platforms.

Pierre has almost three decades of experience across the financial services industry, two thirds of which have been spent in Asia Pacific with senior positions in business as well in control. In late 90′, he was a pioneer of the electronic trading in Japan and the rest of Asia.

In addition to his professional life, Pierre has been actively involved in supporting entrepreneurial projects in the circular economy such as Nomad Plastic and NetZero, and raising funds for sustainable NGOs such as the internationally renowned Room To Read and the Hong Kong-based and independent NGO, Sunshine Action.

My Sustainability Goals for 2021:

Develop innovative finance solutions for sustainability, mainly with Blue Finance, Beyond Finance APAC and Green Arc Capital. Co-founder of Nomad Plastic Ltd, a purpose-driven company developing business concept integrating sustainable tourism and low tech solutions to regenerate marine biodiversity, address plastic pollution and develop sustainable activities for local communities in the remote areas: Exploring For Purpose.