2023 Brochure released!

Business with Purpose – From Vision to Action

Day 1 - 5th Oct | 15:00 - 15:20

Location: BEC Sustainable Business Theatre

People & Purpose


As “purpose” becomes the latest buzzword, global leaders are pushed to place the wellbeing of their people and planet alongside their pockets. How have we fared in Hong Kong, and what can we do more?


  • Purpose is the new profit, and should be the foundation of every corporate social impact possibility
  • Hong Kong, as a global business hub, can and has led the way with a wide spectrum of corporate social innovation illustrations from rethinking talent engagement, to developing shared value products and services and fostering inclusive community development
  • How we can catapult forward to embed purpose into Hong Kong’s corporate DNA

Post Event Actions

Food for thought:­

  • What is your organisation’s purpose and is it able to help your employees and stakeholders bring their own why to work?
  • How are existing business or sustainability initiatives aligning to your organisational purpose?
  • What can you do differently to rethink the needs of your stakeholders and mobilise their efforts to leverage your organisation as a vehicle to address observed social challenges?


Francis Ngai

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Social Ventures Hong Kong

Francis Ngai

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Social Ventures Hong Kong

Mr. Francis Ngai is the Founder of Social Ventures Hong Kong. As an Impact Designer for cities of the future, he has founded and incubated hundreds of social innovation projects since 2007, with an innovation portfolio that spans Hong Kong’s first venture philanthropy fund, notable social start-ups (Green Monday, Light Be social housing, Hatch co-working factory, COMM,ON community clubhouse, Playtao Education), and next generation impact talent programmes (Creative Beings youth apprenticeship, House of Social Innovators impact holidays and the Social Leaders Programme).

In order to empower the ecosystem of NewUrban movements like “Purpose Business & Start-up”, “Exponential Philanthropy”, “Impact Storytelling” and more, Francis founded SONOVA and COSMOS together with co-partners within SVhk. They provide professional services on impact and communications advisory, capacity building and collaboration support to corporates, foundations, SPOs and the public sector.