A Digital Path to Sustainability: Transforming Systems, Processes and Infrastructure

Day 1 - 5th Oct | 17:05 - 17:55

Location: Change Makers Stage

Redefining Value


Technology has the power to increase productivity and efficiency, optimise the use of resources, reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions, and measure, analyse and track progress, all of which can help minimise the environmental impact of businesses. For companies ready to progress with their digital and sustainability agendas in concert, technology can serve as a major accelerant.


  • What is the state of play of Hong Kong and Asia’s innovation ecosystems? What are the opportunities, prospects and challenges of accelerating technology for sustainable impact?
  • How are businesses leveraging innovation, advanced analytics and digitised operations to manage carbon emissions and accelerate progress in systems, processes and infrastructure transformation towards sustainability?
  • How is smart manufacturing and production being harnessed with quantifiable metrics and assurance capabilities to track sustainability performance? 

Post Event Actions

  • Gain insights on how advanced technologies are enabling profitable solutions with a positive impact on net zero and ESG goals.
  • Consider how your company can set a roadmap for new tech adoption that will accelerate your journey to sustainability.
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