Nordic Talk: Accelerating the Green Transition Through Technology and Innovation

Day 1 - 5th Oct | 14:00 - 14:50

Location: Change Makers Stage

Circular Economy


The Nordic Prime Ministers have decided on a vision for Nordic cooperation – the Nordic countries are to become the most integrated, sustainable region in the world by 2030. The countries will work together to promote the green transition of their societies and work towards carbon neutrality and a sustainable circular and bio-based economy. This session will bring together experts from both the public and private spheres in the Nordic to share their views, experiences and ideas of transition to a green economy of Nordic countries, and address how Nordic countries are using innovation to move the green transition forward and handle sustainable development challenges.


  • How are Nordic countries using innovation in their green transition and tackling of sustainable development challenges?
  • How do we see the opportunities and risks of innovation and technology concerning the green transition?
  • How can business networks operate as change makers?
  • What are the prospects of a green transition in Hong Kong and relevant collaboration opportunities between the Nordic and Hong Kong? How can the Nordic and Hong Kong learn from each other, and how can we benefit from the exchange of culture, ideas and best practices? What are some relevant barriers to be addressed?

Post Event Actions

  • Gain inspiration from initiatives in the Nordic countries towards sustainable development and the UN 2030 SDGs.
  • ¬†Gain insights on how Nordic countries are making the best use of technologies to achieve low-carbon transformation, and potential collaboration opportunities with Hong Kong.

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