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Rethinking Business: Reconceiving Products & Markets

Day 2 - 6th Oct | 10:45 - 11:00

Location: Change Makers Stage

Redefining Value


In the first of three mini sessions on the levels of shared value, SVIHK looks at how products and markets can be reconceived through successful shared value business models. Hear how this new approach can open new markets for your company by serving unmet needs in underserved communities.


  • Introduce the concept of creating market-based solutions to social problems.
  • Consider new ways to deliver and distribute products & services.

Post Event Actions

  • Learn how to apply shared value thinking to your business.
  • Learn from case studies and use these to establish your own business case for shared value.


Karen Choi

Partnership Development Representative

Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong

Karen Choi

Partnership Development Representative

Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong

Karen knows how instrumental a people-centric approach is to winning trust and working effectively with clients in all functions at companies of all sizes and across all industries.

Growing up in Hong Kong, living a year in Germany, Karen has a proven track record in client relationships management, partnership and community development, and event organisation. Before joining SVIHK, Karen worked in the German Chamber of Commerce as a bridge between the German and Hong Kong businesses. Leading some German corporate delegations in the energy industry, she discovered how business can play a role and positively impact the environment and society. She now puts all her energy into rallying companies, government and society’s partners through purpose-driven partnerships.

A sports enthusiast, Karen knows persistence and patience are essential for impactful change.

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