Circular Offices: Championing Circularity in Workplaces of the Future

Day 1 - 5th Oct | 14:15 - 15:00

Location: BEC Sustainable Business Theatre

Circular Economy


By designing out waste and pollution and keeping resources in use, businesses can start to embrace circularity in the very place that defines them – the office. Hear from leaders in the space on how circular economy practices are incorporated in the whole lifespan of an office – from the fixtures and fittings of the building, to office design, furnishings and consumables, daily operation and eventual deconstruction.


  • What is the state of play in Hong Kong?
  • How does having a circular office strategy futureproof your business?
  • What are some ways for business to achieve their circularity aspirations in the office, from workplace design, to service and maintenance contracts, procurement practices and waste management for office consumables? What challenges and barriers exist, and how can they be overcome?

Post Event Actions

  • Rethink how your office can embrace circularity by sourcing more sustainably, harness technology for space, energy, resource and waste management.
  • Understand that the way businesses are designed and organised bring benefits beyond meeting circularity goals, such as workforce appeal and retention.
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