Circular Packaging: Rethinking Solutions to Our Plastics Crisis

Day 1 - 5th Oct | 17:15 - 18:00

Location: BEC Sustainable Business Theatre

Circular Economy


Most packaging is designed to be used and discarded in a linear process that results in enormous waste and pollution, particularly where plastics are concerned. As consumer attention on their environmental impact heightens, companies are driven to rethink their role in our economy’s transition to a more circular model, the entire lifecycle of products, and the momentum for innovations and investment in responsible packaging.


  • What is the state of play in Hong Kong?
  • What are some tools and techniques that businesses can use to better understand product packaging and plastics within their supply chains, and to retain value in their systems through responsible product design that eliminates waste and reuses and recycles materials rather than disposing of them?
  • How can we develop efficient, effective and inclusive systems for collection, reuse and recycling to complement packaging redesigned for circularity? What opportunities and cost and scale challenges exist?

Post Event Actions

  • Explore opportunities to integrate circularity initiatives into your operations and to collaborate with partners within your sector and community to implement viable solutions at scale.
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