Designing a Resilient City: Empowering Cross-Sector Collaboration for a Sustainable Future with a Strong Sense of Purpose

Day 1 - 5th Oct | 15:00 - 15:45

Location: Sustainable Communities Theatre

Redefining Value


COVID-19 has drawn renewed focus on the importance of resilience in Hong Kong as the city struggles to cope with the rapid social swings, changing social-economic patterns and disruptions in food supplies. The city is in desperate need of a new collective medium that enables multiple stakeholders to work together to build a resilient city. What can cross-industry collaboration achieve through creating impact from the ground-up, and how do initiatives like urban agriculture create a platform for actionable, lasting change?


  • How is urban farming helping each sector to find meaningful purposes to fulfil their pledge to build a sustainable, more resilient city?
  • What are the concrete solutions that building owners and the private sector can adopt towards a regenerative city?

Post Event Actions

  • Gain insights on leading companies’ sustainability approaches, technical experience, and cross-sector collaboration.
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