Empowering Our Intrapreneurs, Entrepreneurs and Extrapreneurs of Tomorrow

Day 1 - 5th Oct | 17:15 - 18:00

Location: Future Leaders Stage

People & Purpose


This session will discuss key elements in the incubation of social entrepreneurs and community leaders. How can we identify, nurture and promote these talents for the greater good of our society?


  • What are the opportunities and challenges of implementing sustainability innovations as an intrapreneur, entrepreneur, and extrapreneur?
  • How can we promote social innovation within a venture and corporate setting?
  • How can we empower people around us to become social innovators and actors?

Post Event Actions

  • Set up a talent pipeline and channels to attract, nurture and promote social innovators of tomorrow.
  • Align your company’s purpose with individual mission and passion – what can we do to support and empower all stakeholders to achieve social impact?
  • Community investment and engagement action plan across departments and districts
Conference Agenda
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