Growing Appetites: Investing in Plant-Based Innovations and Alternative Proteins

Day 2 - 6th Oct | 15:00 - 15:50

Location: Sustainable Partnership Theatre

Food & Nature


According to a report by EY released in April 2021, “alternative proteins will promise substantial disruption to the conventional animal meat market”, with sufficient drive from factors like technology advancement, price parity and consumer demand. Hong Kong is no doubt a microcosm of the plant-based ecosystem which is blooming globally. How people embrace plant-based foods in their daily lives, and how various brands are investing and innovating to promote the green diet, have become the once-in-lifetime case studies of this era.


  • How is the growth of the global plant-based market observed in Hong Kong? Perspectives from affordability, advertisement, localisation, accessibility and more.
  • How do F&B players and investors receive the message of plant-based demands, and how they have been reacting? Perspectives from innovations in brands and solutions in the markets.
  • How can businesses and the financial sector best collaborate to facilitate sharing of knowledge and resources, and promote investment and awareness in plant-based innovations and alternative proteins?

Post Event Actions

  • Consider your organisation’s response to the plant-based trend, from an investment in R&D and F&B perspective.
  • Gain insights on how growing consumer concerns about health, food and climate change are creating opportunities to invest in the burgeoning plant-based foods market.
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