Human-Centric Education: Nurturing Future Social Entrepreneurs

Day 1 - 5th Oct | 11:25 - 12:55

Location: Future Leaders Stage

People & Purpose


Looking at social innovation through an educational lens reveals the need for equipping our future leaders and professionals with the skillsets and knowledge to become more innovative and willing to take risks in this space. How can industry and other stakeholders best work with educational institutions to ensure future talents are prepared to take the baton for the city’s social aspirations?


  • What role does formal credit-bearing courses and experiential learning play in nurturing future social innovators?
  • What are the top future soft skills and exposures needed to become a successful social entrepreneur and future social innovator?
  • What is missing in current social entrepreneurship education in Hong Kong? How does one learn to develop entrepreneurial thinking?

Post Event Actions

  • With increasing pressure for industry to address social impact, what are the forthcoming career opportunities in your organisation? How can we empower youth and young professionals in this space?
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