Human Factor Fresk: Is our Brain our Biggest Enemy or Strongest Ally for Sustainable Behaviour Change?

Day 2 - 6th Oct | 11:00 - 13:10

Location: Change Makers Stage

Redefining Value


How can we transform the way we do business to align profit with purpose, to create shared value?

SVIHK will co-host this session with Humans Matter, specialists in cognitive design, to explore how to accelerate sustainable measurable change.

Participants will be invited to play the Collaborative Game, which leverages cognitive science, to help diagnose what factors hinder or trigger our ability to change and adopt new behaviours, individually and collectively.


Understand the links between our brain and the ability to adopt new behaviours in order to accelerate personal and corporate transformation required to create shared value.

Post Event Actions

Having understood what factors can develop our ability to take action, delegates can rethink the cognitive strategies they put in place to engage their teams in their corporate sustainable transformation toward shared value.

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