Net Zero and Waste: Aligning Waste Management Strategies and Our City’s Carbon Ambitions

Day 2 - 6th Oct | 16:25 - 17:25

Location: Sustainable Resources Theatre

Circular Economy


As part of Hong Kong’s goal to achieve carbon neutrality before 2050, the government has set targets to develop adequate waste-to-energy facilities, move away from reliance on landfills for municipal waste disposal, promote waste reduction and recycling, implement waste charging and regulate disposable plastic tableware in phases, amongst other policies.


  • What instrumental role does the waste and resource management sector play in combatting climate change and helping our city achieve its net-zero ambitions?
  • How can we drive innovation and improve the technologies and processes used in waste and resource management, as well as invest in research and training in mitigation strategies?
  • What opportunities and barriers exist for the sector to align strategies with wider decarbonisation policies and efforts by public and private sector stakeholders?

Post Event Actions

  • Understand the state of play in Hong Kong and the region, and opportunities for the waste and resource management sector to contribute to a net-zero future for Hong Kong.
  • Consider how your company and industry can work with waste and resource professionals to capitalise on the opportunities presented by our decarbonisation ambitions.
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