Our Global, Complex Food Supply Chains: Traceability, Transparency and Sustainability

Day 2 - 6th Oct | 15:50 - 16:40

Location: Sustainable Partnership Theatre

Food & Nature


Food supply chains are complex and include different level actors and food types, from production, processing, wholesale to retail. Adding to the complexity are the challenges of a growing population, global conflicts, climate change and declining natural resources. Increased supply chain traceability and transparency therefore not only allow businesses to align with changing customer values, but also minimise the risks that their supply chains are contributing to environmental degradation or social ills.


  • How have the pandemic and global conflicts revealed weaknesses in our food supply chain?
  • What role does technology play in improving traceability and transparency of the F&B supply chain systems, boosting productivity, accessibility and affordability, reducing waste and protecting biodiversity?
  • How do industry players envision the food supply chains of the future?

Post Event Actions

  • Gain insights on how technology is being developed and adopted to improve traceability, efficiency, control and reduce waste throughout the food supply chain.
  • Rethink how different players in the food supply chain are making connections for sustainable practices and shaping a viable food supply chain for the future.
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