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Shaping the Future of Sustainable Mobility

Day 1 - 5th Oct | 11:05 - 11:20

Location: Sustainable Partnerships Theatre

Cities & Mobility


With the mobility sector contributing to approximately 25% GHG emissions globally, how can we make a transition to a more low-carbon future? Sustainable and green mobility charts a promising path for cities like Hong Kong to meet the rising demand from mega trends such as climate change and ageing population.


To drive the future of sustainable mobility:

  • Digitalization, electrification, automation and green technologies like hydrogen and renewable energy are key enablers
  • Energy-efficient rail solutions and services will transform the operations of mass transits and their infrastructure
  • Door-to-door intermodal solutions can empower cities to take care of the first mile and the last to meet social challenges
  • Adoption of a life-cycle management approach creates constant value along mobility assets; this in turn supports to reduce carbon footprint


Jens-Peter Brauner

Chief Executive Officer

Siemens Mobility Limited Hong Kong

Jens-Peter Brauner

Chief Executive Officer

Siemens Mobility Limited Hong Kong

Jens-Peter is an expert in the transportation sector for 30 years and a Fellow of IET. He holds degrees in electrical engineering and economic psychology, because for him, technology and people belong together, especially when it comes to digital transformation. As the CEO of Siemens Mobility in Hong Kong, he is working with business partners to make this city smarter and more sustainable.

My Sustainability Goals for 2022:

To accelerate the adoption of sustainable mobility and energy-optimized operations for mass transit and properties

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