Revamping Holistic Wellbeing in the Workplace

Day 2 - 6th Oct | 11:30 - 12:15

Location: Sustainable Communities Theatre

People & Purpose


COVID-19 has drastically changed the work landscape and demonstrated to employers the importance of employee wellness to business performance and continuity. A workplace culture that considers the holistic wellbeing of its workforce as a core value, and venture beyond traditional norms to explore creative solutions to support employees will gain a competitive advantage in the years to come as the world adapts to the aftermath of the pandemic.


  • One-off health initiatives are a thing of the past. Wellness interventions are now defined as the holistic pursuit of physical, mental, emotional, social, intellectual and financial values into all aspects of life.
  • How are employees re-prioritising health, money, career position and progression? How have employee engagement factors, such as autonomy, recognition, community and work-life balance shifted in post-pandemic times?
  • As companies contemplate the future of working arrangements for the post-COVID landscape, how can we redesign workspaces that are responsive and provides a balance – accommodating a mix of remote and office-based working – for all users?

Post Event Actions

  • Understand the top personal concerns of your colleagues. Is it physical and mental health, compensation and benefits, workload, career position or progression? How do they differ among colleagues of different geographies, job functions and experience?
  • Gain insights on how leading companies are venturing beyond traditional norms to cultivate models of healthy behaviours and workplace designs, and explore creative solutions to enhance the holistic wellbeing of its workforce.
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