Places with Purpose: Impact Partnerships to Build Prosperous Neighbourhoods for All

Day 1 - 5th Oct | 11:10 - 12:00

Location: Sustainable Communities Theatre

People & Purpose


From local employment, community arts to people-centric programming, more and more organisations are looking at ‘software’ development as a complement to ‘hardware’ innovations enabled by placemaking to uplift Hong Kong’s neighbourhoods and its communities. How has this place-based approach fared in Hong Kong so far and to what extent is cross-sector partnerships critical to early successes?


  • A place-based approach offers a geographic focus to unite local resources to build better social and economic prospects. Why does this matter and how can this approach be applied as a business strategy to co-create more prosperous and inclusive neighbourhoods?
  • What are the secret ingredients to unlocking successful and effective cross-sector collaborations at a district level?
  • Which local neighbourhoods may serve as strong local models of impactful place-based partnerships, and which ones may require more attention in the future development of Hong Kong?

Post Event Actions

  • Rethinking opportunities for place-based impact: what are the needs specific to the local communities closest to your base of operations?
  • Rethinking actions in place: how can your organisation take action to address local needs and thrive together with the local community?
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