Mastering Data Management to Optimise ESG Efforts in SMEs

Day 2 - 6th Oct | 15:30 - 16:30

Location: BEC Sustainable Business Theatre

Redefining Value


Accurate and timely data is an important element in ESG management to assist enterprises quantifying their performances in environmental, social and governance factors with objective standards and methods. In recent years, ESG data has become a critical consideration for investors, clients or regulators in decision-making, calling on SMEs to prioritise ESG data management on their agenda. This session will discuss the importance of ESG data for SMEs and how data can be effectively utilised to help review performances, identify supply chain risks, make crisis management decisions and draw business and investment opportunities.


  • Why ESG data is essential for SMEs’ businesses, such as reviewing performances, identifying risks, driving businesses and attracting investments?
  • How should SMEs set up appropriate ESG data management strategy?
  • What are the challenges of SMEs in collecting accurate and timely operational data in regard of ESG performance indicators? What solutions are available?
  • Suggestions on how SMEs can effectively integrate data management into business operations

Post Event Actions

  • ESG data does not only play an important role in assessing performances, but also has specific functions in business development and attracting investments
  • With limited resources, SMEs should strategically invest in ESG data management, including on Social and Governance indicators, to help identify pain points and business risks, as well as to enhance transparency to clients
  • Nowadays, ESG data management tools are widely available to support SMEs in managing data effectively
  • SMEs shall rethink how useful ESG data can be collected in their daily operation to support management and business development, and lay foundation for longer-term growth
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