Student Debate: Can Hong Kong Succeed in Its Green Deal?

Day 2 - 6th Oct | 12:30 - 13:45

Location: Future Leaders Stage

Redefining Value


Climate change and environmental challenges will affect the lives and well-being of the younger generations the most. Business-as-usual practices cannot address the issues effectively and a new mindset is needed to prioritize sustainability and inclusivity.

This session will take place in the form of a lively debate between university students on topics such as sustainable business, green finance, policy-making & global cooperation. Join this debate with the future leaders of tomorrow to discuss how to accelerate the green transition in Hong Kong and globally.


  • Create synergies between students, business leaders, NGOs & policymakers.
  • Hear fresh and critical views on local and global challenges in the green transition.
  • How can Hong Kong succeed in its “Green Deal”?
  • The role Hong Kong can play in global & multilateral cooperation and in saving the planet.
  • From the youth’s perspective, what are the most urgent priorities for businesses and Hong Kong?

Post Event Actions

  • Build a connection between young people interested in green business, innovation and policies and business leaders & professionals.
  • Look into the types of support young people need to get involved and consider how companies can engage with the youth.
  • Strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation between different types of local stakeholders.

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