The Bigger Picture: Engaging Our Next Generation in the Sustainability Agenda

Day 2 - 6th Oct | 16:15 - 17:15

Location: Future Leaders Stage

People & Purpose


Our next generation are the beneficiaries of the sustainability agenda that we are pursuing today. Creating space for the amplification of their thoughts and messages as business leaders and decision makers of tomorrow not only prepares them to take on future responsibilities, but also pushes business leaders of today to be more accountable and aggressive in meeting their sustainability goals.


  • What are the opportunities for companies to create space for young people to receive the support and knowledge that they need to engage in the realisation of sustainability goals?
  • How can industry work to create conditions that would not only bring young people on board, but also help to realise their potential as changemakers for a sustainable future?
  • Perspectives from mentorship opportunities, lack of exposure, access to markets and networks and more.

Post Event Actions

  • Consider how your company and industry can better engage and empower the next generation to take the baton for our sustainability agenda.
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