Where We Are, Where We’re Headed: The New Ambition Powering Hong Kong’s Conglomerates

Day 2 - 6th Oct | 10:00 - 11:00

Location: Sustainable Transformation Theatre (Keynote)



Conglomerates face a unique and complex set of challenges: with large, diverse businesses spread across different industries and geographies, how can they take a leadership role on tackling environmental and social challenges while maintaining growth ambitions and shareholder value creation? Hear from Hong Kong’s leading companies on how they are addressing myriad ESG risks and driving systemic change to move from risk to opportunity – from risk to resilience.


  • How are Hong Kong’s largest and most complex organisations working to identify, understand and manage ESG risks for multiple industries and geographies?
  • What are the key internal policies, mechanisms and oversight that are being implemented on key sustainable development issues?
  • How can leadership companies leverage innovation and collaboration to inspire ambition and drive solutions?

Post Event Actions

  • Gain insight on how some of the world’s most complex organisations are engaging internal and external ecosystems to navigate sustainability across multiple industries and countries.
  • Understand the characteristics of strong governance and alignment of sustainability strategies with business models to help raise levels of ambition for sustainable development.
  • Explore how to turn risks into leadership opportunities to make meaningful impact at the scale needed to address today’s most pressing issues.
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