The New Green Consumer: Sustainability Trends Shaping F&B Retail

Day 2 - 6th Oct | 11:00 - 11:50

Location: Sustainable Partnership Theatre

Food & Nature


Retailers hold immense power to drive changes in food production, distribution and consumption for a more sustainable future. How is the industry adapting to the realities of climate change, the global sustainability agenda and rapidly changing consumer preferences? Hear from leaders in this space on how they’re making the jump and implementing sustainability measures that align with the values of consumers and stakeholders.


  • How is the F&B retail sector innovating for changing buying habits, increasing consumer desire to understand the provenance and journey of their food, as well as preventing waste and social inequities?
  • How can industry players better work with their suppliers, rethink operations, and engage their customer bases to provide transparency and support sustainable purchasing and consumption, while identifying new growth products and services?
  • How are industry players responding to inflation, while balancing commitments and strategies for sustainability?

Post Event Actions

  • Rethink the state of play in Hong Kong, and how the retail sector can move forward as a leader in environmental and social stewardship.
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