Towards Net Zero Carbon: The Future of Commercial Spaces

Day 2 - 6th Oct | 10:10 - 11:20

Location: Sustainable Resources Theatre



This session will examine how commercial built spaces contribute to achieving carbon neutrality in Hong Kong by 2050. Covering the entire building life cycle – from award-winning sustainable designs, latest developments in green construction materials, to the transformation, retrofitting and operation of existing building portfolios – exemplar cases will showcase holistic tactics for building towards net zero.


  • What are the latest trends in the sustainable design of commercial built spaces to achieve decarbonisation?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities in the use of sustainable construction materials?
  • How should we transform and retrofit existing building portfolios to operate sustainably?

Post Event Actions

  • Gain insights and apply knowledge in building projects to support the achievement of Hong Kong’s carbon neutrality target by 2050.
  • Raise awareness on the role of green buildings in driving Hong Kong towards net-zero carbon, from master planning, smart and sustainable designs, use of green materials, green construction methods to sustainable operations.
  • Understand the practices and concerted efforts of various industry players and their contributions to expedite the decarbonisation journey of Hong Kong.
  • Seek further knowledge enhancement in the area of net-zero carbon buildings through attending professional trainings and/or joining professional bodies such as the HKGBC.
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