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05 October 2021

Hong Kong Ocean Economy Summit

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If it were a nation, the Ocean would rank as the 7th largest economy in the world, generating more than US$ 2.5 trillion of GDP and supporting more than 35 million jobs, and the livelihood of millions more. However, its role as a regulator in the climate machine and a potential source of growth for the coming decades is still sometimes under looked.

In partnership with Ocean3C, ReThink HK 2021 will co-host The Hong Kong Ocean Economy Summit.

The Summit will address Hong Kong’s current relationship and future opportunities related to a sustainable ocean.

The Blue Economy has traditionally encompassed the ocean-based industries, such as Tourism, Energy, Shipping and Fishing, but now also, and increasingly so, the natural assets and ecosystem services of the Ocean are presenting outstanding opportunities led by technology and innovation.

Click here to view the Hong Kong Ocean Economy Summit agenda.

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06 October 2021

Green Monday ESG Summit

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Climate change has become the biggest existential threat to humanity and our planet, corporate sustainability is more critical than ever. Multinational corporations have already stepped up to the plate and pledged carbon neutrality or net zero emissions targets within the next few years or decades.

On Earth Day, 22nd April of 2021, Green Monday announced the ‘Green Monday ESG Coalition’, an alliance to unify businesses with concrete plant-based solutions to rebuild a more sustainable and resilient future.

The Green Monday ESG Summit brings some of the most important and influential discussions around corporate sustainability to the stage, live, at ReThink HK 2021.

Click here to view the Green Monday ESG Summit agenda.

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