Wednesday 05 October 2022

HK2050isNow Energy & Mobility Summit

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In partnership with HK2050isNow, ReThink HK 2022 will co-host the HK2050isNow Energy & Mobility Summit.

Hong Kong has set a target to become carbon-neutral by 2050. But can it deliver, and what is our best path forward?

The HK2050isNow Energy and Mobility Summit will highlight business strategies, policies and technology for decarbonising energy, in tandem with China’s latest energy commitments as part of the 14th Five Year Plan. It will unpack industry’s input to national energy ambitions, opportunities and gaps in renewable energy procurement and funding, the development and adoption of low-carbon transportation technologies, as well as strategies for a more transit-friendly and pedestrian-centric metropolis.

Click here to view the HK2050isNow Energy & Mobility Summit agenda.

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Thursday 06 October 2022

Green Monday Food & Sustainability Summit

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In partnership with Green Monday Group, ReThink HK 2022 will co-host Green Monday Food & ESG Summit.

The Green Monday Food & Sustainability Summit is designed to explore the business of sustainable F&B, and how industry leaders and stakeholders can unify to devise roadmaps for sustainable food solutions that fully integrate into corporate governance and strategies to create step changes.

Key discussions will address corporates’ response and input to plant-based offerings in Hong Kong, innovations and collaborations to tackle food waste, long-distance food supply chains and implications for climate and nature.

Click here to view the Green Monday Food & Sustainability Summit agenda.