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Sustainable Resources Theatre

Day 1: Tuesday 5th October 2021

11.00 – 14.00: Rethinking Supply Chains

Few businesses have full visibility on their supply chains – resulting in complex and sometimes indirect risks that are significant, material and challenging. The global pandemic has further exposed and is exponentially increasing those threats making it imperative for companies to revisit their supply chain strategies, address systemic risks and improve business resilience.

Beyond the continuing uncertainty caused from the pandemic is the imminent and significant threat of climate change, which presents even greater risk and longer-term impact on food and water security, labour and therefore supply chains. Decarbonising the supply chain is key to achieving individual and collective net-zero goals, the programme will look at strategy implementation and measurements that will drive efficiencies and accelerate the adoption of efficient carbon solutions.

Rethinking Supply Chains will address the main risks posed by brands, retailers, distributors, and procurement teams – sharing best practice, assessing the latest tech trends and presenting expert insight and inspiration on how to maximise transparency beyond tier-1, establish and maintain value-based supplier relationships and minimise exposure.

Content partner and programme details to be announced very soon!

14.30 – 17.30: Rethinking Waste

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Programme details and speakers for Rethinking Waste to be announced very soon!

Day 2: Wednesday 6th October 2021

11.00 – 14.00: Rethinking Energy

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To achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, Hong Kong has to find ways to further reduce the use of fossil fuels. As the energy sector is one of the main contributors to carbon emission in Hong Kong, deep decarbonization of power generation will be critical for Hong Kong.

Rethinking Energy is a series of panel discussions that will focus on energy decarbonisation strategy, policies and technology, from both national and local perspectives.

Session 1: Accelerating the Net-Zero Net Transition: Strategic Action for China’s 14th Five-Year Plan
Session 2: Decarbonising the Energy Sector in the GBA via Regional Collaboration
Session 3: HK2050isNow Report Presentation
Session 4: Shifting to a Hydrogen Economy: A Roadmap to Reality
Session 5: Decarbonising Power Generation + Improving Building Energy Efficiency

Speakers for Rethinking Energy to be announced very soon!

14.30 – 17.30: Rethinking Finance

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Rethinking Finance gathers expertise from Hong Kong’s financial institutions to raise awareness within the wider business ecosystem. The expert panel and case-study sessions will unpack the complexities of green and sustainable finance and start the discussion on how organisations can access a new breed of sustainable financing when investing in eco-friendly projects, solutions and equipment to accelerate towards a low-carbon economy and adopt a sustainable way of doing business.

Session 1: Financing Businesses to Leapfrog to a Low-carbon Economy
Session 2: Case Study: Green & Sustainable Real Estate
Session 3: Case Study: FinTech & Sustainable Finance

Speakers for Rethinking Finance to be announced very soon!

All sessions are subject to change.