A Buildings-First Approach in our Climate Fight: Design, Construction, Operations

12:15 – 13:05

It is estimated that buildings contribute to 60% of total greenhouse gas emissions in Hong Kong, so it is integral to start from the ground up when identifying a buildings-first approach. This panel will discuss the role of design in building sustainably as well as the use of green material and renewable energy systems in the constructions phase. It is also important to ensure the operations of the building is sustainable including energy-efficient systems and smart building technology. This panel will identify the key challenges and opportunities in developing Hong Kong’s buildings-first approach. 


  • What are the best practices in sustainable building projects and initiatives? 
  • What are the specific challenges Hong Kong faces on building design, construction and operation? 
  • What kind of (de)regulations do we need to leapfrog building decarbonisation 

Post-event Actions 

  • Understand building decarbonisation as the priority for Hong Kong to achieve carbon neutrality. 
  • Collectively discuss and develop decarbonisation roadmap for the buildings and construction sector.