Circular Transition: Rethinking Waste as a Resource

10:35 – 11:25

Hong Kong faces significant challenges in managing its limited land resources, particularly with regards to resource and waste management. To address these challenges, the government has implemented various measures, such as the establishment of a recycling fund to support the development of waste recycling infrastructure and the expansion of public recycling facilities to encourage greater participation in recycling. But can we do more beyond recycling? Join us as we explore the value chain to avoid wastage at every stage and solutions to enable a more circular economy from life cycle perspectives. 


  • What are some examples and opportunities of rethinking waste as a resource that can be applied in Hong Kong, as we currently overlooked? 
  • How do we enhance closer circular economy collaboration between the government and businesses in the Hong Kong context? 

Post-event Actions 

  • Recognise circular economy is not limited to recycling, but life cycle consideration to reduce, redesign, reuse, repair along the value chain, and even strive further to create positive impacts 
  • Reposition the waste management industry in Hong Kong from low-value recycling to green growth driver.