Collaboration for Change: How Educators, Businesses, and Social Innovators can Work Together to Create a Better Future

15:50 – 16:40

Come hear from our speakers to discover the synergy derived from the collaboration between educators, businesses, and social innovators in driving positive change. This session aims to explore strategies and examples of successful partnerships to inspire young professionals to seek collaborative opportunities and contribute to a better future.


  • What opportunities and challenges exist for educators, business leaders and social innovators to join hands and create space for young people to exchange ideas, share experiences and co-create solutions?
  • How can key stakeholders work to provide mentorship opportunities, exposure, access to markets and networks to help young people realise their potential as social changemakers for a sustainable future?

Post-event Actions for Delegates

  • Rethink how you can better support cross-sectoral collaboration to drive positive change on an individual and organisational level.