Embracing the Future of a Smart Green City: Retrofits for the Future

11:20 – 12:10

In Hong Kong, buildings and related activities account for about 90% of our electricity usage and 60% of our carbon emissions. In view of the city’s goal to achieve carbon neutrality before 2050, as set out by the Government in its Climate Action Plan 2050, there is a need to optimise buildings new and old to create the greatest energy efficiency.


  • How should we transform and retrofit existing building portfolios to operate sustainably?
  • What impact does retrofitting of existing buildings have on energy saving and the city’s carbon reduction goals? How can we establish the business case for the retrofit of existing buildings in Hong Kong? Perspectives from the challenges and opportunities therein.

Post-Event Actions

  • Understand the practices and concerted efforts of various industry players and their contributions to expedite the decarbonisation journey of Hong Kong buildings.
  • Seek further knowledge enhancement in the area of net-zero carbon buildings through attending professional trainings and/or joining professional bodies such as the HKGBC.