Financing Biodiversity: The Next Frontier for Private Sector Leadership

12:05 – 12:55

We are not only in a climate crisis, but also a biodiversity crisis. The benefits and opportunities of nature-based solutions to address global biodiversity challenges have never been more urgently needed and relevant. Investments in nature-based solutions will be key to accelerating the pace and scale required for nature preservation.


  • According to the UN, investments in nature must triple by 2030 to help save ecosystems. However, the private sector currently provides only 14% of funding towards nature-based solutions. What are the barriers and knowledge gaps for unlocking private capital for nature-based solutions?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges of developing and scaling financially viable projects that bring positive nature and biodiversity impact? What opportunities exist for businesses to pursue new sources of revenue and reap the benefits of increased resilience and purpose?
  • Perspectives from risk mitigation, regulatory and policy alignment

Post-Event Actions for Delegates

  • Rethink the role that your company and industry can play in accelerating the investment in initiatives that bring positive nature and biodiversity outcomes.

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