Fresh Perspectives: Youth-Led and Impact-Driven Advisory

14:50 – 15:40

Young people are increasingly seeking engagement with industry to gain experience in the business of sustainability, while highlighting the value of future-gen propositions and fresh perspectives to current challenges. Hear from our speakers on how youth-led advisory, through constructive engagements with industry leaders, can inspire action within businesses.


  • The value of youth-led advisory in providing fresh perspectives to well-established industry leaders while nurturing the next generation of sustainability practitioners
  • How youth can engage meaningfully with seasoned sustainability practitioners
  • How youth-driven projects and activism have inspired new initiatives, trends and mindset shifts within industries
  • The opportunities and challenges of setting up shadow boards

Post-Event Actions

  • Brainstorm how your company can engage youth in projects and thus contribute to the nurturing of future sustainability leaders.
  • Rethink how your company and industry can support and benefit from collaborations with youth-led advisory.